Relaxing Afternoon Napafternoon nap

If you want to drift off into a refreshing, completely relaxing nap, then this is the download for you. This MP3 will systematically relax all your muscles, and then bring you to a place of peaceful visualization. It emphasises deep and total relaxation and a sense of peace and well-being. Imagine drifting off into a place where there is no tension, and no stress. With this file, you not only gain this relaxation, but it teaches you how to bring this into your day to day life. You can have this sense of peace and relaxation at your job, with your kids, and wherever else you need to feel more relaxed.

In this download, Svetlana will not count you back into wakefulness. Instead, when the MP3 finishes, you can drift off into a peaceful sleep and wake up feeling calm and refreshed.

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