self-destructive behaviour

Imagine yourself free of the easily avoided errors of the past. If you have ever asked yourself, 'Why did I do that?' then you've probably experienced some self destructive activity. It not unusual, and it need not be a huge issue, if you deal with it.

Why do we self sabotage? Often we carry out a destructive behavior because in our past it has had a beneficial result. A child has a tantrum, their mother caves in to their needs and you have the seeds of an adult with an anger management problem. Equally, a teen lights up a cigarette, expands their social network and enjoys new friends. Suddenly smoking seems 'good'. The solution for the child is not a viable solution for the adult, but the value is by then already deeply ingrained.

There are behaviors we recognize as damaging at a logical level, and yet continue as the futility of them has not sunk in at a subconscious level. This download helps address this. Whether it's drug use, an inability to advance our career or simply a habit like nail biting, we can resolve destructive behavior through hypnosis.

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