post natal depression

This should be the most wonderful time in your life - and yet something is not quite right. There are many ways to cope with post natal depression. This therapy is one of a series of processes that will help.

What to do if you have Post Natal Depression

* Don't 'bottle things up'. Talk to somebody about how you feel.
* Remember that depression is an illness and you are not suffering from it because you are weak or hopeless. Also remember that it is very common and that it will get better.
* Speak to your health visitor or GP. They will be able to sort out what should be the best way of helping you with your illness.
* Do not worry that you will lose your baby. When mothers have PND they often think that they are poor mothers and that if they speak to somebody like their GP, they will have their baby taken from them. This will NOT happen. What will happen is that you will get the help that you need to get rid of the PND. This will help you deal better with the stresses of motherhood.
* Having a baby is tiring and stressful for any mother. You will not be able to manage all the things that you did before the birth. Reduce your commitments and accept help when it is offered.
* Take any opportunity you can to get some sleep.
* Make sure that you try to keep up your normal diet - you will need all the energy you can get.
* Involve your partner. Having a young baby will be difficult for him too and he will be concerned about your illness. Encourage him to speak to your health visitor or GP so they can understand the illness you have.
* Try to get some time to yourself and with your partner if you can.
* Talk to other mums with new babies. You will find that they also feel many of the same things you do.
* Once again, remember that it is NOT your fault that you have PND. Support and therapy will help the episode of illness to end as quickly as possible.

Maintaining a good diet and beginning to return to some light exercise will also move you out of the rut that you feel yourself sinking into.

Use this therapy as part of a planned approach to overcoming depression. You may also choose to visit our information page relating to depression at Vancouver Hypnotherapy:

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