public speaking

I am often asked to help clients with public speaking. In a typical case the client is asked to speak in front of a group, perhaps a larger group than they are used to, and they are a little anxious about it. In many cases they are excelling in their career, and as is often the cases with their progress comes the need to address or present to large groups of their peers.

For some clients it is quite simply a case of 'getting through this presentation'. For others it is a case of developing a skill that will be used throughout their future. In each case, hypnotherapy can be used to great effect.

Use this download to master presentations and public speaking. It contains a simple self hypnosis exercise that has helped many clients. Whether it's a presentation within your department, or an address at a conference in front of hundreds of people - this download will help you rapidly master the situation, and complete your presentation or speech.

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