Cancer Recovery Visualisation

This MP3 download is a guided imagery tool. It enables you to arm your body’s natural defences and encourage healthy cell growth.  Studies at the University of Hull, the Stanford School of Medicine, UCLA School of Medicine and the Ontario Cancer Institute found that guided imagery helps cancer patients to boost their immune system and fight cancer. This is because psychological intervention increases coping mechanisms. This lowers stress, tension and anger, and overall boosts your body’s ability to heal.

In this download, you will not only learn how to relax, and therefore cope more constructively, you will be directed into eliminating cancer cells in your body through guided imagery. Your subconscious mind is a very powerful tool. Using this, you are shown how to boost your immune system into attacking the cancer cells.

If you search for cancer and hypnosis, you may be surprised to see how many results are returned. Even the American Cancer Institute has a page on hypnosis therapy. The fact is, hypnosis is a proven tool in coping with cancer. It is not an alternative to medical intervention, but it is proven to greatly increase life expectancy and the ability to recover completely.

When your body is fighting cancer, your physical, emotional and mental self take a beating. You can help by teaching your body how to relax and heal.

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