Breast Enlargement Using Hypnosis - Is It Real?

Breast Enlargement using hypnosis downloads.

As a hypnotherapist I get asked to work on many issues. When it was first suggested by a client that I work on breast enhancement and enlargement I was a little skeptical. I have always worked to make my practice a serious and well respected base for valuable therapy - and this was something I was somewhat dubious about.

However, as I did more research, I began to find many reference to breast enlargement using hypnosis. In fact, it's been practiced sinced the early 1950's when some British researchers at first experimented, and then began developing a successful branch of hypnotherapy specialising in breast enhancement.

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Here's the theory. In hypnotherapy we believe most things our bodies do are the results of emotional triggers. With this in mind we develop through puberty in ways which may well reflect our emotional start point. For example, a young woman in a very loving home may developing in one way, while another in a more difficult situation may develop a little differently. Some people feel a need to supress their sexuality (for whatever reason), and develop somewhat less. There are plenty of examples to back this up. This isn't to suggest woman with a small chest measurement are from difficult home environments. Some people subconciously hold back the development of their feminine physiology for some reason (probably because doing so they feel serves to protect them in some way), and so develop slightly different.

As a result some women simply appear more feminine than others. This is often a response to their environment. Once this concept is accepted, then you can see the inevitable link between our emotions and our physiological development. Hypnotherapy is all about emotions. Using hypnosis we can ammend the way we perceive some aspects of ourselves, and create a positive environment for breast development.

So far so good. And how does it actually happen? Well, the cells that replace themselves each 5 or 6 weeks, and give the breasts their mass and firmness are carried in the blood stream. They replace regularly - just a part of how our bodies function. Now, how about if we increased the rate of replacement and the blood flow to the breasts? That sounds encouraging.

But how can hypnosis possibly do such a thing? Moving blood around the body is a difficult thing, surley? No, it's not. Think about it. every time you blush the vascular dilation in the face changes, and blood flow increases to the face. Now, if you're still with me you can probably see where I'm going. All we need to do is train the body to move blood to the breast area, and we're going to increase the rate of replacement in cells of the breasts.

Simple. Effective. Cheap too.

Simply play them on your MP3 player or computer when you are ready to go to bed. Use a different one each night, and repeat the cycle. Many clients have found these therapeutic tools extremely valuable.

Results are usually evident after about 4 weeks. Ideally you should use the program for 16 weeks.

Still Skeptical? You may want to check the following research:

Scientific Research on Hypnotic Breast Enlargement

1. Peter H.C. Mutke, M.D. (UCLA) performed the first study. He presented his results as a research paper to the Department of Neuropsychiatry, University of California, Los Angeles, February 28, 1971. As of 1994, Dr Mutke was still with UCLA and has been active in the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners.

2. Williams, J.E., Stimulation of breast growth by hypnosis. "Journal of Sex Research," 1974, 10:316-326. His thirteen volunteers averaged 2.11 inch increase in the circumference of their breasts (2 cup sizes).

3. Staib, A.R., and Logan, D.R., Hypnotic Stimulation of Breast Growth. "The American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis," 1977, 4:201-208. They repeated Dr. Williams' results with similar results. They also found women's waist size decreased by 1.4 inches. Their follow up study showed that 81 % of the breast enlargement was retained several months after the women stopped their visual imagery.

4. Willard, R. D., Breast enlargement through visual imagery and hypnosis. "The American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis," 1977, 4:195-200. Dr Willard used a different technique than Dr. Williams (who used age regression and age progression) and achieved an average 1.44 inch increase in breast size for his 22 volunteers. Every woman had an increase in their breast circumference.

5. Roy Beran, (a neurologist at Adelaide Children's Hospital, England) presented the results of his study to the February 1979 National Convention of Hypnotherapists in Adelaide. Dr. Beran showed that the breast volume (he measured the breast's cubic displacement of water) more than doubled during the three month hypnosis program. Excerpt of the RESULTS section of the Willard study:

At the end of 12 weeks, 28% had reached the goal they had set at the beginning of the program and desired no further enlargement. There were 85% who could tell a significant enlargement in their breasts had been accomplished, and 46% found it necessary to buy a larger brassiere. Forty-two percent had a loss in weight of greater than 4 pounds and still had enlargement of their breasts. The average increase in circumference was 1.37 inches; the average increase in the vertical measurement was 0.67 inches and the average increase in horizontal measurement was 1.01 inches.... [note: the study was continued past 12 weeks to let those who hadn't reach their goals to do so.}

In this study, 63% of the subjects had had children and complained of pendulous breasts. These subjects expressed a desire to reclaim the fullness and contour of the breasts which they had before the pregnancies. All of these subjects reported they were very pleased with the increase in fullness and firmness of their breasts at the end of the study.... The only two subjects who subjectively felt there had been no significant increase, did have a measurable increase in size. Both subjects had difficulty obtaining the visualizations.

All of the subjects reported an increase in firmness of their breasts. All of the subjects who began the study with one breast smaller than the other found them to be equal in size at the end of the twelve weeks.

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