Temporomandibular joint pain can be treated using hypnosis to relieve the immediate symptoms. Many clients have reported that the use of hypnosis helps them live with TMJ until it passes, or until it is treated.

Pain from TMJ can be disturbing and horribly invasive. We have been asked by many clients to create a therapy to help release the pain associated with TMJ. In our clinic we have treated this in many cases with complete success. This new therapy uses much of the method we have applied in our clinic and gives you the opportunity benefit from our experience in this unusual area.

Practices we have found that help clients suffering from TMJ pain include practicing relaxing muscles around the face, using softer foods and using hypnosis to disociate oneself from the pain. Ultimately surgery is sometimes required and your doctor should be made aware of ongoing discomfort.

This therapy will help you address the pain associated with TMJ.

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