Understanding Hypnosis

There are many aspects of hypnosis that are beneficial and enjoyable. It's been recognised since 1898 by the British Medical Association as a valuable treatment modality, and the American Medical Association followed suit in 1955.

Self hypnosis is a skill that you can develop yourself to a great degree, and that can help you in your daily life. It's not only much more effective than many medications, it's cheaper and does less damage to your health.

Additionally hypnosis can be fun. Learning a little about hypnotizing people is enjoyable and can be entertaining. I would always suggest you exercise a little consideration with your friends if you are going to try and hypnotise them. You may get surprising results.

In this part of the website we're going to look at a few things about hypnosis that you may enjoy and find interesting. Some will have nothing whatsoever to do with therepy, but illustrate some interesting techniques.

Getting into hypnosis easily.

With a little practice you can develop the ability to get into hypnosis very easily. Below are a couple of swift exercises you can use to practice. It's really all about practice!

In the second exercise, you are going to draw on a past event or experience and see if you can recreate the feelings or sensations you had at the time. Remember, the more you do this the easier it becomes.

Hypnosis is not all serious. It can be used in some fun situations and many hypnotists do stage shows and performances for entertainment. Great shows don't leave the participants feeling embarrassed or stressed. In some of the clips below you can see a few of the sets that I create on stage for my audience. The objective is to entertain. They always seem to love it.